Should We Be Concerned With Cell Phone Radiation?

The human body is made up of many processes. To look at the whole process is overwhelming and so we must look at each process individually. Some processes seemingly do not have that much to do with the whole process because of how the human body or for that matter any living being works. When one process is attacked another process will step in to help the other because the whole being is designed to survive. So a seemingly outside environmental attack may cause a process anomaly and there may Read more [...]

Cell Phone Radiation Protection – Should You Be Worried About Your Kids?

The Problem: Most working moms and dads use technology to facilitate daily communication. Kids have cell phones at younger ages. Over 250 million Americans talk on their cell phones daily. It is something we take for granted. We presume that they're safe or they wouldn't be so widely sold. Let's take a deeper look at this presumption. When you use your cell phone or cordless phone, you are using an instrument that emits low levels of radio-frequency radiation. These emissions have been Read more [...]

Cell Phone Radiation Dangers

There is a lot of controversy surrounding whether or not cell phones pose radiation dangers. There are some who say that there are dangers and there are those who say there are no dangers at all; that there are no studies that prove that cell phone radiation causes harm to the brain. The truth, though, is that there has been a study and that study was conducted over a two year period. This study showed that there are changes in the brain due to radiation from mobile phones.In this study, human Read more [...]