Should We Be Concerned With Cell Phone Radiation?

The human body is made up of many processes. To look at the whole process is overwhelming and so we must look at each process individually. Some processes seemingly do not have that much to do with the whole process because of how the human body or for that matter any living being works. When one process is attacked another process will step in to help the other because the whole being is designed to survive. So a seemingly outside environmental attack may cause a process anomaly and there may be no outward indication that the anomaly had an effect on the whole being but if the anomaly continues there is a point where the anomaly will start to show up as a change to the whole being.

A simple example is if we starve your body of calcium the body will steal calcium from your bones and muscles to solve the immediate need but in the long run the bones will begin to weaken causing possibly osteoporosis and the muscles will weaken and you have atrophy.

All outside anomalies that are affecting the whole being are classified as free radicals or environmental stress and they usually will eventually affect the body’s immune system. The body is capable of ridding a lot of free radicals as toxins but with age and intensity there is a point that the anomaly will become overwhelming to the overall survival of the being. The point at which this occurs is the 64 dollar question. It will depend on the intensity of the anomaly, the genetics of the being and the state of the particular immune system.

If you are a risk taker and would rather wait until your system breaks down than ‘God Bless You’ and good luck. Knowing what I know about our food system and the preservatives, additives and food coloring added to our processed food for longevity, shelf life, looks, and taste and the bottom line, I would prefer to be proactive and supply my body with known supplements that are designed for a specific results.

Do I know if these supplement products work? It is difficult to prove if they will keep you from cancer, diabetes, asthma, various immune disorders. All any one can do is look at testimonials of people whose bodies were out of control and overwhelmed. All anyone can do is try the products and self evaluate to see if they do any good for the user.

There is a lot we do not know about our environment. Just because we cannot see EMF radiation from electrical systems and electronic devices like cell phones does not mean we are safe. Putting our heads in the sand and not being proactive will not make our situations better.

In the 70’s the cigarette companies reported that all their products were safe and there was no problem with secondary smoke and we know what happened here. Just because companies declare their products are all safe does not make it true.

Not using a cell phone does not keep you safe. There is EMF waves around us all the time. The other day I was in an elevator and my cell phone said I had 6 bars of power. If my phone signal can penetrate concrete and steel imagine how easily it could pass through your body. My only defense from any of these products is using them responsibly and keep my immune system strong. It is not practical to avoid the EMF signal from cell towers even if you do not use a cell phone.

Our bodies are made up of ions and chemicals. The electrical signals sent from our brain and spinal cords are basically very small EMF signals. Disruption of these signals may or may not cause problems within the body. We do know that we cannot live without the Schumann wave that is produced by the earth’s magnetic field. This has been proven when astronauts first went into space. Without the effects of this Schumann wave the astronauts became disorientated and depressed. Is it possible that this wave is being masked by EMF produced by cell phone technologies and other electronic devices and power transmission? Could increases in depression over the passed 50 years along with the rise of other diseases be all man made and a results of environmental stress? If you are interested in more information on this topic and new technologies that could lessen this effect go to my website and look up article on pros and cons of cell phones.

Cell Phone Radiation Protection – Should You Be Worried About Your Kids?

The Problem: Most working moms and dads use technology to facilitate daily communication. Kids have cell phones at younger ages.

Over 250 million Americans talk on their cell phones daily. It is something we take for granted. We presume that they’re safe or they wouldn’t be so widely sold.

Let’s take a deeper look at this presumption.

When you use your cell phone or cordless phone, you are using an instrument that emits low levels of radio-frequency radiation. These emissions have been long the subject of heated debates in science and health communities.

Last year, the Environmental Working Group (EWG), health advocate, published research linking long-term or frequent cell phone use to increased rates of miscarriage, nausea, chronic fatigue, forgetfulness, migraines, behavior problems in children and brain tumors.

This parade of horribles is scary. How worried should we be about our kids?

The phone industry and the federal government counters that cell phones are safe and that research fails to show a connection between radio-exposure from cell usage and health problems.

Many researchers opine that the studies are ‘inconclusive’ because cell phones have not been in use long enough to make a determination that stands up to scientific standards.

Recall the tobacco industry? We didn’t know the dangers of nicotine until too late.

Electronics that emit radio frequency are everywhere: cordless phones, microwaves, computers, and more.

The Facts: Specific Absorption Rate or SAR, is the ruler for measuring the quantity of radio frequency absorbed by the body. To pass FCC standards and qualify for sale in the U.S. and Canada, SAR levels cannot exceed 1.6 watts per kilogram. The European standard is higher: 2 watts per kilogram.

That the European standard is more relaxed is curious. A French study concluded that children, whose skulls are thinner, absorb radiation at a rate two times that of adults.

The EPA recommended the EMFs be classified as Class B carcinogens back in 1990. Class B includes DDT and PCBs. Lobbyists from the computer and utility industries protested vigorously and, as a result, EMFs are still unclassified.

Current Solutions: Here’s what some experts suggest:


  • Use a speakerphone whenever possible instead of placing the phone receiver next to your ear.
  • Do not have an active cell phone near bedside overnight.
  • Bluetooth headsets and other headsets are not complete solutions: radio frequencies follow wires to ears.
  • Texting is better than calling.
  • Know SAR ratings of a phone before purchasing. For example, the Apple iPhone 4 (16 GB) is rated 1.17 whereas the Apple iPhone 3GS (16GB) is.79.
  • There are various ant-EMF products available. None have FTC or World Health Organization (WHO) approval. The simplest one is a reusable sticker that is placed over the phone’s battery or antenna and claims to reduce about 70% of emissions.


Given present concerns about cell phone radiation, parental caution is appropriate.

Take a clue from your teenager and start texting more!

Cell Phone Radiation Dangers

There is a lot of controversy surrounding whether or not cell phones pose radiation dangers. There are some who say that there are dangers and there are those who say there are no dangers at all; that there are no studies that prove that cell phone radiation causes harm to the brain. The truth, though, is that there has been a study and that study was conducted over a two year period. This study showed that there are changes in the brain due to radiation from mobile phones.

In this study, human cells were used instead of rats. It was found by scientists that even the lowest of emissions from cellular phones can cause cell changes. These scientists believe that these cell changes could disable a natural barrier that exists in the body that is meant to protect from such harmful materials. These scientists are now calling for even more research to prove how detrimental cell phone radiation can be to a person’s health.

More details

The study was conducted by the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority in Finland and they found that an hour of cell phone radiation caused the cells to respond the same way they do when they are being damaged. The cells of the blood vessel walls shrunk, which allowed the tiny radiation molecules to pass through to the tissue of the brain. This can also be referred to as the electromagnetic field, or EMF. The EMF is already all around us. However, devices, such as cell phones, that produce it are increasing that field around us. When that field increases, the pineal glands are less likely to produce melatonin. There is also evidence that suggests that the immune system is compromised, which can contribute to the development of precancerous cells.

In the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority Study, Professor Darius Leszczynski said that the degree of the leaks into the system is not known. The leak he is referring to is what he calls the blood brain barrier. He says that the human body may be able to cope with it, which is why there may be no risks. This may also explain why there have been those scientists who have said there are no radiation dangers. However, Professor Leszczynski says that it should be children that adults are cautious about when allowing them to use mobile phones. They are developing and their cells can be easily compromised. This may result in parents having second thoughts about equipping their children with cellular phones.

Still a lot of uncertainty

There has been millions and millions of dollars spent on research all around the world, but the fate of those habitually using cell phones is still unknown. The Finland study shows that there is a risk and even one study should be enough. Using something such as ferrite beads can help because they block radiation. These beads are already used to stop data interference. So they are just another step toward protecting your brain and your body from potential cell phone radiation.